Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chesapeake: Flowers Blooming

In Chesapeake and all of Hampton Roads, flower planting has been the weekend task since late April.  And will continue to be steady until June 1st.   Most of us are wise enough in the Mid-Atlantic to know the temps will be a bit warm as June/July arrive so our plants best have a good chance to root and to acclimate.

Flowers are always the nicest “dress up” for the street scape of a home.   All my sellers know that bright healthy flowers really set the tone as the buyer arrives at the house and sees a beautifully maintained yard framed with lush, healthy color.

Don’t know how green your thumb is or if you are the underwater starving your flowers or the overwater that soaks the plants until they throw up their fonds and florals in disgust.   But if you want a garden to enjoy this year or to “sell” a buyer on your home, it is important I give you a hand.

Fortunately, Better Homes and Gardens can share perenniels that even the brownest thumb in town can work with in their garden.   As you most likely know, annuals like snapdragons and merrigolds are around only for the season while perennial plants like Blanket Flower or Daylillies will come back every year even if the plant seemingly disappears.

In fact, you will see three different links below and amongs the pictures.   So whether you have very wet or dry soil or simply love to kill the plants that come under your control, you can find the perennial plants that can survive you!!!

To all you very green thumb people, I apologize as I know your garden glows all year long.   Not all of us may be good as you but we continue to strive forward.

        Cardinal Flower

Perennials for Your Garden

Perennials for Your Garden That Love to be Wet

Perennials that Can Handle almost Anything



Chesapeake: Flowers Blooming
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