Monday, September 22, 2014

Can Dinner Make a Monday Less Blue???

Monday Blues

Wow!  A week off visiting family can really mess with one on his/her return.   I can't believe how uninspired I have been today.

Though I love working with my clients and have a few contracts in play at the moment, perhaps last week's hectic pace knock me for a loop.  Balancing of discussions with sellers, buyers and representing agents and visiting with family last week must have set the tone for what I expected today.

But Monday has been anything but hectic.  More like waiting to exhale.   Yet, I know that will change and would hate to ever be known as a complainer!!!!

Yet, if you got slapped across the side of the face today with some unexpected work or can barely stay awake as there seems nothing happening, know that every thing will turn around soon.

Even if takes a great dinner in a few hours to change the momentum for the day!!  Better Homes & Gardens inspiration for tonight is Mexican!!

So take a deep breath, set yourself to complete everything that must be completed today and know you got a great dinner plan!!!!

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